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How your support makes a difference…

Mariam's Story

"Having SRE at school made me feel like I could ask my questions freely. I could learn more about God, which made me grow in my faith."
- Mariam.

Why your support matters

Through the prayerful and financial support of our amazing SU Australia community children, young people, and families are discovering God’s love, hope and good news.

Your tax-deductible gift before January 31 will go towards:

  • Supporting existing ministries like SRE and chaplaincy but also expanding our NSW camping ministry, providing more children and young people the chance to experience Christian community during school holidays.
  • Additionally, you'll be supporting Emerge, a new initiative empowering young Christians aged 15-25 through training and mentorship in leadership skills, fostering lifelong followers of Jesus.

Your support in 2023*

*SU Australia Annual Report 2023


268 Camps + Missions

run in local communities.


1,029 schools supported

through trusted and trained school chaplains.


4,289 Christian workers, volunteers and interns

trained to serve their local communities.

Each gift this new year brings us closer to achieving our vision for 2024. Let's be instruments of God's love and hope, serving those in need and inspiring others to join us on this lifelong journey.

Donations to the new year appeal of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

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